Retablos de mi Pueblo--page three (of 4 pages arranged in chronological order)

Edwin Báez Carrasquillo
exhibit at Museo de las Américas, San Juan,Puerto Rico

Patrimonio, 2013

According to the signage at the Museum, this work depicts Senor Teodoro Vidal, a Puerto Rican anthropologist, collector, and cultural historian in his home with his collections.
The anthropologist's collection includes traditional santos (several of the Magi), ceramics, masks, musical instruments while the border of the sculpture include magical figures from folk religions. At the top, Edwin Báez' skill as a carver is seen in the beautiful decorative border.


El Plumaje del Múcaro, 2013

This retablo is based on Dr. Ricardo E. Alegría's short story, the title of which is translated as The Owl's Coat of Feathers."

La Tormentera, 2013

The title refers to the storm shelter, built by the islanders to protect themselves during hurricanes. In spite of the viciousness of the storm which dramatically bends the palm tree, the artist introduces some humor in the unwillingness of the dog to enter the protective shelter.


El Bardo de Barceloneta, 2014

According to the signage at the Museum of the Americas, this retablo honors Benito de Jusús, great Puerto Rican composer who also founded the Trío Vegabajeño. Many of the songs in their repertoire were written by Benito de Jusús, one of the most famous being "Nuestro Juramento" (Our Oath).

A poster for this musical group is on the back wall of the room.

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