Cloisters: Jerónimos Monastery--page 3 (of 4 pages)

first designed by Diogo de Boytac 1502-13 and remodeled by Juan of Castile c. 1517-20

Cloister hallway and vaulting


Confessional door leading to the side aisle of the church and decorative moldings

The cloisters are built on a square plan with the corners cut away. The cloisters are also two-story, an innovation at the time.
"Castilho updated the original plan by adding to the structure. He also covered Boitaca's original cylindrical pilasters with rectangular ones, decorating them with Plateresque-style reliefs. Some of the original pilasters and buttresses can still be seen on the upper storey of the cloister and give some idea of what Boitaca's cloister would have looked like" (Pereira 96).

Continue to page 4 for views of Vasco da Gama's sarcophagus.

Work cited: Paulo Pereira. Jerónimos Abbey of Santa Maria. London: Instituto Português do Património Arquitectónico (IPPAR) and Scala Publishers, 2002.

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