Wexner Center for the Visual Arts, West Side, The Ohio State University--page 3 (of four pages)

Peter Eisenman

The west facade

Whereas the east side is aligned with High Street (a major north-south street bordering the campus), the west side faces the Oval and the internal campus.

Left: southwest view of the building; center: concrete steps/seats; right: view from the south showing the concrete "wall" and concave step/seating area

Most of the alignments of the building are subtle, conceptual. Here the seating area of the steps in the foreground terminates the axis of the campus Oval.

The southwest corner

The towers on the south side of the building allude to the old armory, demolished by fire in 1958.

The entrance corridor from the west to the east side of the building

This corridor is defined by towers on both sides of the passageway. See the images at the top of this page.

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Progressive Architecture (October 1989) has a special issue devoted to this building.

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