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SANAA: Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa

The lobby

The building's core is off to the side where elevators, plumbing and other services are located. This leaves the lobby and large upstairs galleries free of columns. In the galleries (which I was not allowed to photograph) the art is observed in different ways, depending on the various lighting effects and the sizes of the spaces. Nicolai Ouroussoff comments that "the informal quality makes the art feel wonderfully accessible. There is nothing ostentatious here, none of the fussy detailing or fancy materials that create an invisible barrier between viewer and art in so many contemporary museums and galleries" (NYTimes). Similarly, this lobby, with the curving bookshelves and the elevator wall mural (and the chartreuse interiors!) create a mood of fun.


Looking toward the back and toward the front of the entrance lobby


The elevator wall


Ceiling mesh

Like the facade, the ceiling is covered with mesh made the same way as the exterior mesh, although it is finer.

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