Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion, Darwin Martin House Complex--page 2 (of two pages)

Toshiko Mori

Views of the interior looking toward the street (Jewett Parkway)

A floor-to-ceiling triple-glazed glass curtain wall allows for views of the adjacent Martin House while of necessity protecting against the Buffalo cold.

The back wall from the front and rear entrances

Backlit glass cases exhibit photographs and drawings of the Martin House complex. Touch-screen interactive video also helps to orient visitors.

The skylight

The inverted hip roof forms a bowl with a skylight in the inverted center. Light courts are also an echo of Wright's architecture; for example, his Larkin Building, now demolished, had one.

An unobstructed view of the Martin House complex


Translucent shades

The visitors' center provides an important educational component. Automatic shades allow for presentations needing a darkened room.

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