The Beurs van Berlage--page 2 (of two pages)

Hendrik Petrus Berlage

The long west side along Damrak, heading to Central Station; heading to Dam Square


Boxy shape, repeated bays with dormers, and some restrained decorative masonry


Entrance near the south end


Monumental entrance in center of long west side; relief by Lambertus Zijl, the title of which is sometimes translated as "Traffic" which depicts figures from various continents with means of transport from ancient types like elephants, camels, and horses, to sailing ships.


Details of monumental entrance in center of long west side


Details of monumental entrance in center of long west side


Entrance just to the north of the monumental center entrance; stone details with brick work


Views from the northwest with the short asymmetrical north end


Northwest corner with figural sculpture of Jan Pieterzoon Coen, an important figure in the 17th century in the Dutch East Indian Company--another of Amsterdam's great heroes


Northernmost entrance on the west side

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