Meyer May House--page 3 (of three pages)

Frank Lloyd Wright

Floor plan of first floor

The west side faces the street while a driveway goes along the north side.

Living Room

South side of living room with band of leaded glass windows


South and west sides of the living room


Front window facing the street


Skylights above windows

This southern exposure with both the band of large leaded glass windows and the skylights provides wonderful light to the interior of the living room.

Dining Room

The dining room is typical of many of Wright's houses. Here the tall straight backs of the chairs and the corner posts close in the dining table--a sort of room within the room. The design of the lights at the corners echoes the window motifs.

Stairwell, stairwell windows, and upstairs bedroom

A traditional house of this period would have had a grand processional staircase. But Wright's staircases are often hidden and rarely a significant feature of the house. The landing, however, has the benefit of the bank of windows on the north side of the house.

Windows, dining room windows to the right

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