Uxmal, Yucatan--page 6 (of six pages)

Classic Period; founded about 700-750 CE; declined between 920-50 CE

This site includes the following:

Pyramid of the Magician--page 1 (12 images)
Quadrangle of the Birds--page 2 (10 images)
The Nunnery, East and West Buildings--page 3 (9 images)
The Nunnery, North and South Buildings--page 4 (10 images)
The Ball court, House of the Turtles, Great Pyramid, and smaller buildings--page 5 (14 images)
Governor's Palace--page 6 (12 images)
sculptural works from the Uxmal Museum--page 2 (2 images)

The Governor's Palace--from the east; La Picota

This 100 meter beautiful building, rising high on a platform, is on the opposite side of the Ballcourt from the Nunnery. The photograph in the center shows both the Throne of the Jaguar and La Picota ("the whipping post"), a phallic monument lying almost on its side.
Although it seems like one long low building, it is actually three buildings connected by the Mayan corbeled arches (which once penetrated the building but at some point early in its history were closed). It was probably a residence (in this case the name is accurate) and contains about twenty rooms.

Puuc facade

The facade is characteristic of the Puuc style, with a plain lower register topped by a mosaic frieze (here ten feet high).

The arch from the east and the decorative Puuc frieze

The motifs include lattice patterns, masks of Chac, Itzam-Ye, Tlaloc and other gods, cloud images, and human figures, perhaps Lord Chac himself.

The altar with the double-headed Throne of the Jaguar and the central mosaic frieze


Views from the west


View from the west and south

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