Uxmal, Yucatan--page 2 (of six pages)

Classic Period; founded about 700-750 CE; declined between 920-50 CE

This site includes the following:

Pyramid of the Magician--page 1 (12 images)
Quadrangle of the Birds--page 2 (10 images)
The Nunnery, East and West Buildings--page 3 (9 images)
The Nunnery, North and South Buildings--page 4 (10 images)
The Ball court, House of the Turtles, Great Pyramid, and smaller buildings--page 5 (14 images)
Governor's Palace--page 6 (12 images)
sculptural works from the Uxmal Museum--page 2 (2 images)

Quadrangle of the Birds--southwest corner

This courtyard has on its east side the stairway and west wall of the Pyramid of the Magician. It takes its name from the friezes along the roof, which some scholars think simulate the thatched roofs of Mayan houses, others feather-like patterns. In either case, these friezes have carved stone birds attached to their surfaces. See below.

Left and center: the west side of the Quadrangle of the Birds; Chac masks on a corner


The west side of the Quadrangle of the Birds with the Mayan arch


from the Uxmal Museum

Left: figure found in the courtyard west of the Temple of the Magician, to the right of the House of the Birds; center: head of the rain god Tlaloc--typically represented with eyes as goggles formed by two serpents that meet in the center and join to form the nose and a serpent moustache framing the mouth from which two fangs emerge

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