Church of the Virgin of the Soledad--page 3 (of four pages)

Work began 1582; consecrated 1682

page 1: front facade and center details
page2: sculptural details, left side of front facade
page 3: sculptural details, right side of front facade
page 4: views of side exterior and portal and views of the interior

I have not been able to identify all of the sculptured figures; if you know who they are, please send me an email.

Center: possibly St. Paul, who was beheaded with a sword; right: St Rose of Lima, whose crown of roses concealed metal spikes she wore for mortification


left: Michael, the warrior angel; center? right: St Lucy with her identifying symbol, her eyes on a dish


Left: Gabriel, the angel of the Annunciation--his banner identifies him by his words to Mary; Center: Nicholas of Tolentino

Richard Perry suggests in an email to me that the figure is "probably Nicholas of Tolentino, an Augustinian saint occasionally portrayed as a penitent or flagellant - kneeling and bare chested. La Soledad was closely associated with the Augustinian nuns who occupied the adjacent convent, now the Palacio Municipal." See his website at:

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Works consulted or quoted:
Richard D. Perry. Exploring Colonial Oaxaca. The Art and Architecture. Santa Barbara, CA: Espada Press, 2006. See his website at:

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