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Stele (or obelisk--it has a pointed top) in an important location

Because of this central location the stele no doubt had connections with events taking pace on the North Platform. Although it is somewhat eroded, details on the four faces, all incised, can be discerned. Below, the drawing and stele can be seen (enlarged) together by clicking on the appropriate link.

South face

Here a male figure is elaborately dressed. According to Miller, the Zapotecs wore tall headdresses with symbolic motifs, as evidenced here. The regal figure's name may be represented by the lower glyph--8 Flower.
See large views of south face with drawing and photo together.

East face

On this face there are two figures, one above the other, both with elaborate headdresses adorned with precious stones; they are probably priests since they carry bags of copal. The glyph by their faces represents "word."
See large views of east face with drawing and photo together.

North face

On this face two figures are talking; their names are over their heads. Under them glyphs may record important events in the history of the culture.
See large views of north face with drawing and photo together.

West face

Here an elaborately dressed priest is represented; glyphs may tell of his history.
See large views of west face with drawing and photo together.

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