Monte Albán: Ball Court and Tomb 56--page 1 (of fifteen pages)

Ball court: 100 BCE-200 CE; Tomb 56: 300-500 CE

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Ball court shaped like capital "I"

Located on the eastern edge of the Acropolis, essentially filling in a corner, this Classic period ball court measures about 41 by 24 meters. Unlike the Mayan ball courts, this Zapotec example appears never to have had rings attached to the walls. At Monte Albán five ball courts were constructed testifying to the importance of this game among the Zapotec culture. The game may have been important in everyday lives as well as in ritual practices.
The sloping walls of the court were covered with a thick mixture of lime creating a polished surface so when the ball landed there, it would slide back to the floor level where the players were located. Players apparently hit the rubber ball with hips, elbows, and knees.

Stair leading down to the playing level


The outside upper perimeter of the ball court


Right: carved stone solar disks decorating the top of the first vertical walls of the outside of the ball court


Residence and Tomb 56

Located just outside the ceremonial center, this large house (palace) and tomb were constructed of stone, mud, adobe, lime and sand. The architecturally advanced tomb had walls of cut stone and an arched roof. Niches in the wall were for offerings.

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