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According to Perry, "The cult of the Rosary was zealously promoted by the Dominicans. In the latter colonial period especially, wealthy individuals and religious fraternities were encouraged to endow opulent Rosary Chapels" (20). This large chapel, inaugurated in 1731, has the plan of a full-sized church with a choir, nave, transept, and high altar at the end of the nave and is profusely decorated. The current altar is a modern reconstruction of an original altarpiece created in 1731 by the sculptor Diego Nuñez. Paintings of the archangels surround the statue of the Virgin

A gilded retablo with the Virgin of the Rosary flanked by spiral columns


Left: looking back toward the entrance to the chapel; center and right: nave wall and detail


Octagonal dome with Mary in the center surrounded by the Apostles and with the Evangelists in the pendentives; right: detail of the apex of the dome with Mary as protector--her full blue cloak encloses the pious nuns and friars.

The Apostles are labelled on each side of her: James Major and Andrew in this detail.

The Four Evangelists on the supporting pendentives

John with the eagle; Matthew with the man/angel

The Four Evangelists

Luke with the ox; Mark with the lion

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