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Photographs of works in the museum are arranged based on the museum's organization:

Preclassic Works--page 1
Teotihuacán Culture--page 2 and 3
Toltec Culture--page 4
Mexica Culture--page 5 and 6
Oaxaca/Zapotec examples--page 7
Maya Culture--page 8 and 9

Examples from Oaxaca/Zapotec art

Lintil from Monte Albán.


Left: figure from Monte Albán

Center: human effigy urn

Classic. Monte Albán, Oaxaca. Clay; height: 81.5 cm
The face is believed to be a portrait of an actual person, who is wearing a zoomorphic headdress.

Right: Urn of the goddess 13 Serpent

Classic. Clay; height: 70 cm
The goddess with the calendar name, 13 Serpent, is identified by the name appearing on the quechquémitl or short pointed cape formed by the glyph for serpent and the number 13, represented by two bars (each with value of five) and three dots.

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