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Photographs of works in the museum are arranged based on the museum's organization:

Preclassic Works--page 1
Teotihuacán Culture--page 2 and 3
Toltec Culture--page 4
Mexica Culture--page 5 and 6
Oaxaca/Zapotec examples--page 7
Maya Culture--page 8 and 9

Examples from Teotihuacán

Model of Teotihuacán


Chalchiuhtlicue, or "she of the jade skirt," goddess of water

Volcanic stone, height: 3.2 M
Classic. Teotihuacan III

This companion of Tloloc wears a huipil (blouse), decorated short skirt, a quechquemitl, sandals and jewelry (ear plugs, bracelets and necklace with three strands).

Ball court target

from La Ventilla.

Four separately carved stone sections are decorated with braid designs; movement is represented by the disk. The photograph on the left has as its background the replica of one part of the Pyramid of Quetzalcóatl at Teotihuacán.

Left: sculpture with the Death deity;

Classic. Basalt; height: 125cm
The human skull with dangling tongue--a death mask is associated with human sacrifice and the nocturnal sun of the underworld.

center and right: sculpture in the shape of a skull


Huehueteotl, god of fire

The god of fire wears ear plugs and a brazier over his head

Vases with incised designs

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