In Memoriam: Maggie, our English Springer Spaniel

We said good-bye, Friday, July 23, 2004. She was eleven years old with cancer and advanced kidney failure. We are heart-broken.

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"Glamor shots"
Puppy pictures
Maggie and Zach (our matching cat)

Maggie at attention, at rest and in action

Maggie learned quickly that a sit would get her anything.
Sometimes the sits were a bit distracted.
Maggie and Zach relax on the porch--Zach in a more privileged position.
Maggie is looking out the screened in porch as Bill mows the lawn.
Although her favorite activity was taking walks, Maggie also loved carrying or chewing sticks. We had to persuade her to give up some of the huge sticks since we were afraid she'd hurt her mouth. We always joked that she thought the stick she was carrying was a pheasant.
Maggie is getting the newspaper.
Although Maggie didn't chew the newspaper, we had some difficulty teaching her to give it up. A treat always helped.
Maggie got to "unwrap" her own Christmas presents.

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