Chapel of the Chimes, Interior

Julia Morgan

The interior of the Chapel of the Chimes

Julia Morgan was meticulous about details, whether cast concrete Gothic elements, furnishings, or lighting. The best craftspersons were always hired. Marian Simpson of Berkeley designed the stained glass for this chapel. Morgan was entrusted to buy furnishings for the complex in Florence, Italy, These included a Della Robbia wreathe, majolica vases, and a number of sculptural works, particularly baptismal fonts (Boutelle 74).

The cloister from the exterior and interior

Henri Gregoire, a Russian craftsman, was hired to make the Gothic patterns and pour the concrete. This cloister or hallway with ribbed vaulting and elaborate bosses is a beautiful example of his work.


Views of the interior

The interior with gardens, cloisters, and chapels has both vaulted ceilings and clerestory light. An innovation was the use of electronically controlled movable skylights.


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Work Cited: Boutelle, Sara Holmes. Julia Morgan Architect. Revised and updated edition. New York: Abbeville Press, 1995.

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