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The nave looking toward the domed crossing

The simple interior is made up of a long nave with side chapels. The nave narrows under the dome where there are shallow transepts shaped like apses. From the entrance to the rear is 227 feet.

The nave looking toward the entrance

The interior walls and vaults are stucco, painted white. Architectural detail provides the primary ornamentation.

The altar at the domed crossing


The side chapels and architectural details

Unusual clerestory windows with arched tops and triple divisions illuminate the nave and echo similar windows in the chapels below. These windows and vaulting have some similarities to the windows and vaulting in the Baths of Diocletian in Rome.

The apse-shaped transepts

While the nave is lit from above through the arched clerestory windows, here in the crossing and choir, the light is much stronger from the double rows of windows.

The domed crossing

The dome has a diameter of 50 feet with a small ballustrade in darker tonality defining it circuit. Windows in arched niches and windowless niches, like those below, add to the unity of the crossing. Shallow pilasters flank these niches although here they lack the elaborate capitals of the more dominant pilasters below.

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