Hadrian's Villa--page 2 (of nine pages): areas of or near the Imperial Palace

Architect unknown; it is likely that Hadrian participated in the design and planning of his villa
early 2nd century CE

Included on this site are the following areas of the villa:
page 1: the Pecile and the Heliocaminus Bath
page 2: areas of or near the Imperial Palace, including the Building with Doric Pillars
page 3: Maritime Theater
page 4: Philosophers' Chamber and Greek and Roman Libraries
page 5: Piazza d'Oro
page 6: Building with Fishpond and Large Baths
page 7: Praetorium, Small Baths and Vestibule, Nymphaeum with three Exedra
page 8: the Canopus
page 9: the Serapeum and the Temple of Venus

Imperial Palace


Caserma dei Vigili (Firemen's Headquarters)


Triclinio Estivo


Building with Doric Pillars

This building was part of the imperial palace, built on the site of an earlier Republican villa. Courtyards and gardens are interspersed with buildings. Note the additional bases on the ground identifying the portico of this structure. Behind this corner is a corridor (see below) leading to the Summer Triclinium, the Building with the Fishpond and the Piazza d'Oro.

Grooved pillars and Doric trabeation consisting of triglyphs and metopes--partially reconstructed

Instead of sculptural reliefs, the metopes here have rosettes, in the Hellenistic tradition, along with other Hellenistic variations (triangular or teeth shapes) under the triglyphs.

Corridor leading to the Piazza d'Oro

Underground halls, service facilities, and storage areas were located underneath much of the complex. Presumably servants and those needed to keep this huge villa operative used these underground passageways.

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