Exterior of the Syracuse Cathedral--page 3 (of 5 pages)

Temple of Athena, erected in 480 BCE by Gelon, forms the basis of the church built by Byzantine Christians.
Later constructions include side chapels on the south, narthex and Baroque facade (1728-54)
Andrea Palma

Baroque facade, a remodeling after the 1693 earthquake

The dramatic grandeur, the emphasis on the central projection, the broken pediments, the use of sculpture and the niche for sculpture, and in general the inventiveness--all point to Sicilian Baroque architecture.
Playful putti like these are also found on the very top, sitting on the pediment. Foliate ornament is used here and very fancifully above, draping down the upper volutes.
Typical Baroque elements here include unusual capitals with tiny grotesque figures and extravagant coffering underneath the moulding.

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Works Consulted or Quoted: Grady, Ellen. Sicily [Blue Guide]. New York: Norton, 2006.

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