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Chigi Chapel, designed by Raphael, about 1513-15; 1516, the date inscribed on the mosaic decoration of the dome of the Chigi Chapel

This chapel was designed as a funerary chapel for Agostino and Sigismondo Chigi. The circular plan may owe to the influence of Bramante. The chapel has niches for four large sculptures.

The dome

Not only did Raphael serve as the architect, he also designed two of the sculptures (see Jonah in the niche to the left, executed by Lorenzetto) and the cartoons for the mosaics in the dome.

Habakkuk by Bernini, 1655-61

Based on a story in an apocryphal text, Habakkuk is urged by the angel, who pulls on his hair, to take food to Daniel who is imprisoned in the lion's den. Here the angel points to Daniel, who is represented in the niche across from the grouping.

Daniel by Bernini, 1655-57

Daniel's head is turned up to God, who is depicted in the lantern of the dome above. The lion is a bit too subdued! Both Daniel and Habakkuk are characteristic of Bernini's late style, defined by emotional works with stretched bodies in extreme contrapposto.


Tombs of the Chigi brothers with portrait heads in the medallions

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