Cathedral, San Nicola--page 1 (of two pages)

18th century
Rosario Gagliardi and Vincenzo Sinatra

Located in an elevated spot and the most prominent location in the city, San Nicola fronts a plaza called in the 18th century Piano di Chiesa Madre e Casa Senatoria. San Nicola earlier was the Chiesa Madre but raised to cathedral status in 1844. The building history of this church is complicated. According to Tobriner there were probably three architects throughout the 18th century with the third responsible for the front towers and the second the facade. The dome was built in the 19th century and rebuilt again after its collapse in 1996.

The front facade


The side towers, probably completed in the late eighteenth century


Side portal;
blind pedimented niche on tower bay


Sculptures of the Evangelists high above the side portals;
right: St. Luke with his symbol the Ox


St. Luke and St. John

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