Baptistery (of San Giovanni)--page 3 (of three pages)

mid 11th century; enlarged in the 12th-13th century with dome and apse built on west side; mosaics in the interior, 13th century; exterior sculptural decoration, 14th to 16th century

Subjects of the tiers:

The uppermost tier (center below) has decorative animal and floral motifs; the next tier down depicts hierarchies of angels--shown below Thrones--with another view of Christ as Alpha and Omega.
The tiers continue down with scenes from Genesis with Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah scenes; events from Joseph's life; events from Jesus' life, and the lowest tier with events from John the Baptist's life

Center: top tier with the loading of the ark and the Flood; next tier down: scenes in Joseph's life


Events in John the Baptist's life:

Salome's rather insipid dance and the beheading of John; presentation of John's head to Salome

Bottom: scenes from the life of John the Baptist; above it: scenes from the life of Jesus; top register: creation scenes

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