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Rem Koolhaas

While on the northeast corner of the building Koolhaas actually incorporates the older Mies building, on the northwest corner an image of Mies's face is etched in the glass of the west entrance door. At the same time in the interior, there is not much to remind the visitor of Mies. (See plan of the interior.) Mies's elegant but cold rationality is countered by variety--in materials, levels (in a one-story building), acute angles, and occasional confusion. Mies's painted black steel is countered by exuberant and sunny orange.

Views of the west entrance from the interior


From entrance looking to the angled "Welcome Center" with Founders' Wall

On the interior wall (the right in the photograph) portraits depict seven of IIT's founders.

Looking to the entrance with Founders' Wall to the left


Center: Reflecting pool outside the Welcome Center and Pritzker Club;
Right: Pritzker Club--special dining area for faculty and staff


Orange Mies wrap

The continuous orange wall wraps from the north and west elevations and then folds into the building. This vinyl material was developed for its 3-D depth and vibrancy.

Hallways leading to the conference rooms and auditorium

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See also Koolhaas's Seattle Central Library.

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