Diogene, Vitra Campus

Renzo Piano and RPBW

A minimalist house--Vitra's smallest building

Diogenes is named for the Greek cynic philosopher who according to legend lived in a clay wine jar or a barrel as a way of rejecting worldly goods. This minimalist dwelling is totally self-contained and can be transported anywhere. Although it looks like a simple house, it has numerous technical systems in order to be self-sufficient--like photo voltaic cells and solar modules to supply its own power, as well as a rainwater tank, and a biological toilet. Presumably it can be adapted to various climates, and would be a living choice (office, retreat, etc.), not emergency housing. It is about 2 by 2 meters with a bed, chair and small table; behind a small wall, a bathroom and basic kitchen are included. It is made of wood, shown on the interior, but the exterior has aluminum paneling to protect against the weather.

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