Speyer Cathedral (or Cathedral of St. Maria and St. Stephan)--page 2 (of four pages)

consecrated 1061 CE

The porch or narthex

The west wall next to the nave is 20 feet thick. Note the splayed doorway, indicating the thickness of the wall.
The bronze door of the main entrance depicts Christ as Good Shepherd at the top and in smaller scenes illustrates events in Christ's life. The Latin inscription proclaims Our Lord's desire, that "all might be one."

The nave--south wall looking west

The full length of the cathedral is 435 '.

A unique feature of the cathedral is the so-called "dwarf" gallery, a row of small column arcades just below the edge of the roof. It runs along the nave around the transepts and at the top of the apse in the rear. Along the nave it is divided rhythmically so as to indicate bay separations. See below.



The south transpt


The nave north wall and north transept


The north transept with arcaded "dwarf" gallery at the top

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