The Chancel and Crossing Tower


A pilgrimage church

Like many pilgrimage churches, this east end of the church has numerous chapels to accommodate the needs of pilgrims--pairs of apsidal chapels off the east side of the transept and five radiating chapels off the choir. See the plan. Although the church is faced with red brick, here stone trim and stone architectural elements predominate. As in other parts of the church, modillions with human and animal heads decorate the cornices. Numerous windows, both arched and oculi, provide light for this end of the basilica.

The belfry

According to Quitterie and Daniel Cazes, the octagonal belfry was built in stages. The two stories above the cupola level have two arched windows per side and the upper story is set back from the lower story. The two upper storeys, built in the second half of the 13th century, use pointed Gothic arches. The spire was rebuilt of stone in 1478 (11).

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