Theater--page 3 (of three pages): exterior views

end of the first century CE

Exterior--the north side; left: the external wall

This long exterior wall (103 meters) of the theater has five stages, each delineated by a horizontal course. The ground floor has 16 round arched bays, with 4 of them blind; these open to the postscenium, the actors' dressing rooms. Three rectangular openings also provide entrances to the theater, the central one known as the Royal door. However, spectators entered the theater from the side doors, visible in the center and right images. The second level has corbels used to support a narrow roof, creating a shady portico in front of the theater. The third level had repeated blind arcades--the outlines of which are barely visible today.

Exterior--the east side


Exterior--the west side

Excavations to the west of the theater have revealed ruins of a sanctuary probably dedicated to a cult of the emperors.

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