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Philibert de l'Orme; Jean Bullant
15th century keep from original castle; 1515-1521; 1547; 1570-76

The parterre of Diane de Poitiers

This garden, like a fortified bastian, is across from the terrace with the Marques' Tower and to the northeast of the main structure. This elevated terrace protects it from the rising waters of the Cher. The thick wall is topped with a promenade. Originally the paths were at right angles but in the 19th century the current X orientation was developed. Labyrinthine mazes are part of the design.
This garden was planted with hawthorn and hazel bushes, with peach and apple trees, and with wild strawberries and violets. Originally there were several hundred white mulberry trees for the cultivation of silkworms.

The parterre of Catherine de' Medici, the Queen Mother

The circular basin was added in 1984.


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