Ste. Foy--page 8 (of ten pages): Interior: views of details

The Annunciation, end wall of the northern transept

This sculptural group is situated high up on top of the central pilaster which is in fact in the dead center at the end of the transept. Here Gabriel, with his name engraved on his banderole, bows slightly to Mary as he announces her divine mission. The scene occurs inside which is indicated by the brick work and crenelations on the outside of the arches. Mary has been spinning--seen in the detail of her handing her distaff to the servant behind her--not visible in this image. For a later version of this theme in sculpture, see Donatello's depiction in Santa Croce, Florence.
The interior of the church apparently has more than 250 capitals, at the springing of the arcades in the nave, transept, or ambulatory. Most of these are difficult to see from the ground level--the level that ordinary tourists are confined to. Some of these have interlacing floral motifs, some are foliated, and some are historiated.

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