Ste. Foy--page 7 (of ten pages): Interior: views of apse, choir, transepts, and ambulatory

The choir

Unlike the nave with the gallery above the arcade, here in the east end direct light enters the church because the galleries don't go around the east end. Or, to put it another way, there is no clerestory in the nave, but here in the apse, there are clerestory windows.

The ambulatory with radiating chapels


Left and center, looking across the "nave" of the transept to the entrance door into the transept; right, looking to the end of the transept

The entrance door into the transept is not at the end but on the side. (See views of the exterior and the plan.) The nave of the transept is the same width as the main nave. Then there are side aisles on each side of the transept nave as well as one radiating chapel near the crossing.

Left and center: The end of the transept; right: the crossing


The radiating chapel from the transept


The crossing, generally dated in the 12th century

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