Ste. Foy--page 9 (of ten pages): Views of remaining cloister

Originally monastery buildings were located to the south and east of the church. The cloister was built extending from the south transept, although much of it is missing today. What remains are the section below--the western porch of the cloister which joined the refectory--and two arcades of the east side. (See the second page of the cloisters.) The central area of the cloister with the dark green serpentine pool has been restored recently. Excavations revealed that this cloister was rather small, at least compared to other Romanesque churches. (See, for example, the much larger cloister at Moissac.)

Capitals on the exterior of the arcade


Here and below--the capital of the building monks


Paired columns with foliate capitals


The so-called Knight's capital

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