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The Choir

Beyond is the huge rose window, the beautiful central feature in the Chapel of the Nine Altars, originally made in the 15th century by Richard Pickering, of Hemingbrough and reconstructed in the 18th century by James Wyatt. It depicts Christ surrounded by the 12 apostles. The choir stalls date from 1665 under the direction of Cosin.


Ambulatory leading to the Chapel of the Nine Altars



Chapel of the Nine Altars

In the early 13th century, the eastern end of the cathedral needed repair. Bishop Richard le Poore (from Salisbury) hired Richard Farnham to design an eastern end for the cathedral where many monks could worship; this extension, in the new English Gothic style, was the Chapel of the Nine Altars.

Fenwick Lawson, Pieta, 1974-1981, a permanent sculpture in the Chapel

Lawson, a local sculptor made this powerful work from driftwood.
This Chapel consists of large expanses of glass, soaring pointed vaults, as well as pointed arches.

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