Temple of Amon (page 2 of 3 pages)

Middle to New Kingdom, 12th-22nd Dynasties

The hypostyle hall is between the second and third pylons. Built by Seti I and Ramses II, it consists of 134 sandstone columns in 16 rows to support the roof. The 12 columns of the central "nave" are almost 70 feet high and 11 ½ feet in diameter. The columns along the sides are about 43 feet high. Stone lattice windows rest on the architraves, providing the only light source in the hall. Many scholars report this fact: the whole of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris could fit within the walls of the hypostyle hall.

The columns in the central nave have calyx capitals while those on the lateral wings have bud capitals.

Stone lattice "windows"

Columns and walls are covered with reliefs, often depicting the pharaoh making offerings to the gods.

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