Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut: Hathor Chapel and Anubis Chapel (page 2 of 2 pages)

Senmut, architect-engineer and Queens' chancellor
18th Dynasty, c. 1490-1460 BCE

The second or intermediate portico is flanked by two chapels, the south one dedicated to Hathor and the north dedicated to Anubis.

The Chapel of Hathor

The Chapel of Hathor, at the southwest end of the Mortuary Temple once had its own access ramp; the most sacred part of the Chapel is excavated into the rock.

Some square piers and round columns are topped with Hathor capitals--with features of the goddess with cow's ears. Note the Osirian statue just visible on the top level ( left image, at the top center).
The left and center images are of the outer vestibule. Several painted bas reliefs decorate the walls of the Chapel; the image on the right depicts the Queen's soldiers on parade in honor of the goddess Hathor.


The Lower Chapel of Anubis

The columns of the Anubis Chapel are fluted, unlike the plain piers used in the rest of this temple.This room at the far north end of the second colonnade has twelve of these grooved columns with an astronomical ceiling. Wall paintings decorate the walls.


The hypostyle hall with paintings depicting offerings to Anubis and Sokaris


Left: upper portion of wall with cobra frieze and astronomical ceiling; center: portion of a painting depicting a table of offerings before the god Amun (whose legs are just visible).

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