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Philip Johnson

The Library/Study, completed 1980, masonry construction, 384 square feet

This one room workplace has library shelves filled with books on architecture. The main lighting comes from a skylight in the dome.

The Ghost House, completed 1984, chain link and steel, 346.5 square feet

This post-modern playful structure sits atop a nineteenth century barn foundation. The chain link reminds one of Frank Gehry's use of similar materials. See also Venturi Scott Brown's 1976 ghost structure.

Entrance Gate, completed c. 1980, concrete and aluminum construction, 20 feet 4 inches H

This monumental gate alludes to medieval city entrances. The concrete forms (more than 20 feet tall) contain a system of pulleys that raise and lower a metal bar between them.

Donald Judd, Untitled, 1971, Minimum height: 36"; maximum height: 48"; outside radius: 150"; inside radius: 132"


Julian Schnabel, Ozymandias, 1986-89, patinated bronze


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