Preah Khan--page 4 (of four pages)

late 12th century

Eastern area of the complex

The two-story building with round columns (right) is possibly dated from the second half of the 13th century. This building has 32 columns set on a raised platform. Eight of the columns from square porches at the west and east ends of the structure while the remainder support a lintel and wall. The upper story probably once had a wooden floor and still has five windows low to the floor level. No stairway has been found. The building's purpose is still a mystery.

Decorative carpet patterns in relief on one side of a door

Praying hermit figures in roundels alternate with foliage patterns--lotus?

Eastern entrance

The entrances of the three gopuras have porches with four pillars. The shallow terraces in front are on platforms with stairways up to them.

One of the seated lions guarding the entrances

There are remains of a naga balustrade on this terrace as well.

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