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  • Broken Boundaries
  • Soliloquies for Soprano Saxophone


  • Soliloquies for Soprano Saxophone
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Adam Schattschneider

Schattschneider captured the stately grace of the air from Bach's "Overture in D," soared quietly through the adagio movement from Mozart's "Flute Quartet in D Major" and rose to the unearthly beauty of Schubert's "Ave Maria."

Recital Review
Lima News

Schattschneider's ornamentation is florid, beautiful and elegantly executed. His articulations are clear and perfect.

Schattschneider approached this "show" piece with refined and skilled virtuosity. He makes challenging technical passages sound easy.

Schattschneider has extraordinary command of the soprano saxophone tonal color that resonates with pure heart and soul...he demonstrates complete command of the instrument's range, facility and sonority. Fall 2003

CD Review
NACWPI Journal

In Schattschneider's hands, the saxophone produces simply a sumptuous sound all the time.

CD Review
The Saxophone Symposium

Dr. Schattschneider is a master teacher on all three instruments (flute, clarinet and saxophone) and is deeply committed to the growth and excellence of his students.

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