Under-Reported Issues . . . As We Have Found Them!



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1. “A secretive appeals court ruled that the US government has the right to use expanded powers to wiretap terrorism suspects, under a law adopted after the Sept 11th attacks.”  This act, passed in October, was called the USA Patriot Act.

Basically, the government has been given the authority to use electronic surveillance, wiretaps, searches, and can sharing of information against individuals that are deemed “potential” terrorists.  The argument against this ruling is that it violates the Fourth Amendment (protects against unreasonable searches and seizures) and it could invariably be abused.  The judges stated that though it is a close call, the “surveillances it authorizes, are reasonable”.  And the crazy thing is, the only way the amendment can be appealed, is if the government does the appealing… now that’s some fine print.

The article can be viewed at:


Laura Anderson


2. Recently I watched a video on domestic violence against women, and I believe that is one issue that is very under reported and overlooked.  As a social work major, I have learned that for women who suffer from domestice violence, the intervention they receive focuses on how to deal with the family, or keeping the family together.  They don't do anything to help the women learn how to get out of the cycle of abuse.  I think that there should be an intervention plan made to help the woman learn to live on their own.  But I think this is an under reported issue, also because cops won't do anything to protect them if the guy is their husband they tend to leave the situation alone and don't enforce the guy leave or stay away. 

I found a website that talked about the barriers when struggle with and why they can't and don't leave their abusive husbands. It is http://www.ncadv.org/problem/barriers.htm

-Melissa VanAusdal


3. What Would Jesus Drive? I found this web-site kind of humorous, http://www.msnbc.com/news/839041.asp?0dm=N26PN#BODY.  The whole rising gas prices has sort of fallen out of the news since before.  It seems we've settled for higher prices, well in the media anyways.  One thing that is sad about this article is that the author begins to use choice words to make sure any reader would know, he is not a christian.  This is poor journalism in my opinion. Never the less, its a topic that the media world has all but forgotten.  It also proves that the Lord drove a Plymouth, which I like because I am a Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth fan.

-Aaron Austin


4. Under-reported Issues in America:                                                          Krissy Hoffman

An important issue in America that I find to be important is the lack of computers and technology that many poor school systems have.  Many of these school systems do not have the funds or the types of programs they need in order to establish a solid education through the use of technology.  The federal government has made an attempt to resolve this issue, but it has not really gotten far.  The web source that I found says, “Technology is a tool that gives everyone an equal chance to learn.”  The students that attend these underprivileged schools are not even given the opportunity for a good education. Much of the financing of schools is through the taxing system, such as property taxes.  However, poor communities obviously cannot acquire a large amount of funds.  Plus, the school systems have other finances to deal with, such as textbooks and other equipment.  I think this is a very serious problem, because many are wondering why many kids are growing up without very decent educations and a lack of knowledge of technology.  There are other schools that have huge budgets for technology.  I understand that the finances are mostly received from the community, but these poorer communities need some sort of assistance from some other source.  Something needs to be done early on, when kids are getting their primary educations. 

“Policy Issues in Using Technology For Engaged Learning”



5. I feel that one of the most unreported issues in America is stem cell research.  I knew that this was a new development that has been taking place in our world but I had forgotten how important it was until last Thursday when I came to class.  These stem cells may be able to cure Parkinson's Disease or Alzheimer's.  It may also give paralyzed people the ability to walk again.  Without funding from the government stem cell research can not happen.  The controversy is that the cells that can be used most efficiently come from aborted fetuses. 


Stephanie Rush


6. These are some web site about the problem that I feel should be discussed more. People talk about eating disorders without realizing that overeating is the problem too. America gets bigger and bigger all the time.




Galina Terbova

7. The effective wildlife management tool of trapping

Fur trapping is part of America’s heritage and past, and is being threatened. Some states have outlawed this valuable wildlife tool, and are suffering the consequences of over population, disease, and animal nuisance. It is important to preserve this pastime for future generations, as well as managing wildlife in the United States. This issue is underreported mainly because the public is not truthfully informed. Many animal activist groups have a strong voice, with only partial truth, and that voice is broadcast.

A link for further insight:

David McMillen


8. It is getting harder to afford a home in America!  This is what I feel is the most under-reported issue in America.  Owning a home is something that I'm sure we would all like to be able to do in our lives, but as recent trends show, it is becoming more and more difficult to afford newer homes.  Lots of people in the nation are having to turn to poor living conditioin situations such as poor rentals or apartments because of high taxes on housing, zoning policies, and the types of homes being built are just not for the lower class anymore.  Back home in my Cleveland suburbs, I personally only see homes that are very expensive and "upper-class" being built in neighborhoods.  These are large homes that do not seem to take into account the average income of Americans.  I believe we need newer homes that are smaller such as those built decades ago.  Trying to afford these new homes can cause bad credit, unpaid loans, and even homelessness.  I believe the housing industry in America needs to pay more attention to the reality of consumer's spending abilities, and less on the few choices they are giving potential homeowners.  Incomes have increased, but housing costs have increased even more.


Jon Lindow


9. I was thinking about the issues to send you and I thought that the abuse of alcohol and illegal substances would be an interesting one. This problem could be applied to almost any group of people, but, as a student, I am really worried about my pals at BC.


Hope you will have a good Thanksgiving,




10. An under-reported issue is the effects of distractions inside a car while driving. Distractions include, but are not limited to cell phone use, eating, changing CDs, and smoking. This issue is important because drivers not paying attention to the road put everyone at risk of an accident. I believe this issue is under-reported because I have not heard/seen any media give attention to it without digging for coverage.


Tony Boenker


11. I think the most under-reported issue in America is overwork. We have become a workaholic society, meaning too much time is spent on the job and the stress being put on people. I think many of the problems that are so common, such as anger, health problems, and neglected children, are directly related to overwork. Work is very important, but when it becomes the center of one's life and destracts from things like family, then it is too much. We see all these problems around us, but you never really here that maybe it is due to our workaholic society.

Here is the link to the web site: http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/05/16/work.study/index.html

Brian Steiner

Supplemental Entries—Added 12/3/03, 11:30 a.m.

12. I nominate malnutrition in the impoverished sector of American society for the most important under-reported issue in America.  Those close to or below the bread line are prone to malnutrition due to the lack of funds for buying nutritious food, and it is under reported because they are still getting food.  It may be that the issue is believed resolved

if they have food, but it is not.  They need nutritious food.


Here is a link about the issue: 


Jacob Goin


13. Here are some websites for that extra credit thing for Issues. I decided to find websites focusing on the rape of males, which doesn't get as much media attention as the rape of females.



Erin Renee Wahl


14.  The CIA, CIA front companies, and the U.S. Military are supporting

death killings in Mexico.  Several officials in Mexico have been killed for

openly opposing the government.  The CIA has been covering up the actions of

the Mexican government.




Amy Parks

15. I think that America's Foreign Policy Relations is frequently covered but just the positive aspects of it. The negative contribution such as funding rebel groups in countries in Africa that have led to several coups in the continent are ignored. The failure of the US intervention in Somalia and Rwanda are covered partially but the public just gets a glimpse of the whole picture. No one mentions the US troops in Saudi Arabia and their functions in that region. The military training given by US institutions such as the School of Americas (SOA)to Latin America soldiers and military personnel who have assassinated political as well as religious leaders is usually discovered after years of operations. In short, the media choose to avail information to glorify the US rather than rebuke and criticize some of the negative aspect of the government.  The government is therefore protected from criticism giving it the legitimacy to act in ways that would

otherwise not be legitimate if some of its flaws were revealed. I have attached a webpage that gives more insight to this issue below. The heading of the Paper is; The US Power Complex What's New




Mary Akuch Riak



16. The issue that I think is an important under-reported issue in America,

deals with environmental racism.  Companies buy land where non-whites will

be living and then don't clean up the land.  Most companies figure that

these people will be too poor and too uneducated to ever organize anything

against the company.  The website I found is about a particular case of what

could be environmental racism.  A neighborhood in Houston sued Chevron for a

lot of money a few years back.  Many people in the neighborhood came down

with lupus, cancer, and many different kinds of heart problems. The address

for this site is:




Sarah Parker