Issues in Modern America: Information, Uncertainty, Possibility
LAS 301-02 Spring 2009
Jeff Gundy
Bluffton University

Welcome to the home page for this section of Issues in Modern America. This page contains links to sites that you may find useful, informative, and even entertaining in learning more about American history and culture, especially since the middle of this century. It also includes a large amount of material accumulated during the Spring 2006 and earlier versions of the course, including daily lesson plans and links that class members discovered (most are still good, but no guarantees!).

Some good general-purpose research links:

Contemporary Social Issues and Politics: A Beginning List of Web Sources  On-line newspapers and magazines across the political spectrum. NOTE: The Onion is not a straight news source . . .

Academic Universe Excellent Lexis-Nexus database with full-text articles from a huge set of sources. Accessible through Musselman Library information resources or directly from this link.

American Studies Web A good starting point for all sorts of research.

American Studies Crossroads Project Georgetown U. site with links to lots of useful resources.

History Course Links--An Electronic Anthology Links to lots of history-related sites.

Dynamic Syllabi in American Studies Syllabi and materials for American Studies courses taught at Georgetown U.

Updated Links and Pages for Spring 2003:

Daily Files for Spring 2003.

The Syllabus for Spring 2003.

Information on MLA documentation from the Bedford Handbook.

Howard Zinn, from The American Ideology:  click here

Joseph Needleman on "Founding America": click here

An article by Shepherd Bliss on Needleman's ideas, “The American Soul and Empire”:

Short interview with Needleman:

A longer interview with Needleman:

Walter Wink, "Can Love Save the World?": click here

Material from Fall 2002:

Underreported Issues Students, vote for your favorites by 12/5 and receive extra credit!

Fall 2002 Syllabus Now includes the revised course schedule (posted 9/18/02).

Daily Files Links to daily lesson plans for both fall 2002 and spring 2002, including web links students discovered and responses to the readings.

Material from Spring 2002

 Web sites class members found, organized by date on a single page (thanks to Lauren Selleck!).

 Some links to reviews and information on course readings

More specialized sites (working as of spring 2002):

Letter from Naomi Shihab Nye, Arab-American Poet: To Any Would-Be Terrorists.

Malcolm X links Pictures, information and quotes concerning and by Malcolm X.

Excerpts from Malcolm X speeches From the WebCorp audio archives.

Archer Audio Archives--MLK speeches on audio

The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project Many primary and secondary documents by and about MLK.

Historical Text Archive Primary texts from all over the world, including many from U. S. history.

Grover Furr's Vietnam War Page Excellent material and many links to other Vietnam-related sites.

Popular Culture in the 1960s Syllabus, material and links for another American Studies course.

Michael Moore home page Site with lots of material by the creator of Roger and Me.

Michael Moore, the Left, and Intellectuals Opinion piece on Moore's criticism of the intellectual left for abandoning the working class.

Brief account of the Haymarket Riot

The Great Flint Sitdown Photos and some text describing the Flint strike of 1936-37.

A Short History of American Labor From a union site.

History of Labor Unions From an education site.

1999 U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics on unions

Government-Granted Coercive Power: How Big Labor Blocks the Freedom Agenda Anti-Union Speech by Reed Larson, Hillsdale College, 1999

We'll Close! Analysis of threats of plant closings.

AFL-CIO home page  Home page for the largest U.S. labor union.

Part of the Rodney King video from Court TV

Farm Union Takes Aim at a Big Pickle Maker Story from N.Y. Times about FLOC, led by BC graduate Baldemar Velasquez

Another October Surprise Review of recent biography of Richard Nixon from The Nation

The Lost 45s  Site featuring singles from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that are seldom played even on oldies stations