Day 4September 5, 2002


1. Names.


2. WORTH Center: Kristin is here to talk with us about that, and so letís make her welcome.

3. Books are not in, but are on the way, we hope. I have an asst. for Tuesday which will become clear as we go along.


4. If you donít plan to do the service learning option, be thinking about a topic for your research project. Iíll be happy to talk with people about those. First stage, proposal, is due Sept. 24.


5. More on politicalcompass siteódid you do it? What did you find? Show grid and discuss . . .


6. Today, letís do some ďinformationĒ exploration. What if we start in from various web sites? What do we learn, whatís emphasized, whatís not, specifically on the issue of Iraq and ďregime changeĒ?,2933,61999,00.html



Ask people to pick one of three groups: Fox, PBS/NY Times, Nation. Spectrum from letís-go-now through middle-of-road to anti-war. Some time to discuss what Iíve found so far: for Tuesday, do some more research and be prepared to argue with more evidence for your position. Send me at least one web link with a news report or opinion piece in support of your positionóIíll put them all in a Word document so that we can refer to them during the discussion. (Say which group youíre in.) Iíll give the groups ten or fifteen minutes at the start of class Tuesday to figure out who will speak first, what sites you want to call up, etc.