Day 25  December 3, 2002


1. Names. Posters and evals back. Thanks for good work on these, and on the comment sheets as well. Did you find this worthwhile? I did. And the second day I managed to budget my time better, and actually got around the group in pretty good time . . .


Here’s the final exam. It’s take-home, due by the time our exam period ends—so if you want to wait till then and do it all in those two hours, feel free . . .


2. Underreported issues . . . We’ll take some time today to look through them, and think about what else we might want to add . . . let those who made the nominations talk a bit about them. Discuss. We have a wide range here, from personal health issues to trapping to privacy and security . . . how do we decide what’s worth our attention and our action?


3. What else?


Gwynne Dyer on our obsession with terrorism:


Some factoids (non BC items from Harper’s Index, Dec. 2002):


Bluffton College returns 37% of its tuition income to students in the form of financial aid.


Net BC tuition income from 236 2001-02 first year students: $1,975,000.

Net BC tuition income from 261 2002-03 first year students: $1,970,000.


Hours after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld learnd Bin Laden was a suspect that he sought reasons to “hit” Iraq: 2.5.


Percentage change since 19809 in the per-watt cost of solar energy in the U. S.: -87.


Days it takes an adult in Los Angeles to breathe in more air pollution than EPA guidelines recommend for a lifetime: 25


Average number of people killed per week by sniper in suburban Maryland/Virginia this fall: 3

Average number of homicides per week during the same period in Washington, DC: 7


Fee that Sprint PCS charges its “credit-challenged” customers each time they speak with a live representative: $3


Chances that a child fed “booger”-flavored jelly beans at a trade show this fall said they tasted like the real thing: 4 in 5.


Discuss. The business of risk assessment. What is a real danger and what isn’t?