Studies in Modern Literature: Mennonite Literature
Eng 265 Spring2005
Jeff Gundy
Welcome to this resource page for Mennonite Literature.  Here you will mainly find links to sites related to Mennonite issues, ideas and people.  There are also a few images, just for variety.
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Dirk Willems turns back to save his pursuer (recent icon version)


Hans Herr House, built in 1719, is the oldest building in Lancaster County and the oldest remaining original site of 
Mennonite worship in North America. 


The Torture of Joost Joosten (1560) 
from The Martyrs' Mirror

From a conference in 1996: five Mennonite writers.  Left to right: Jean Janzen, Dallas Wiebe, Elmer Suderman, Julia Kasdorf, Jeff Gundy. 


Mennonite Connections on the WWW A central site with links to hundreds of others, well-organized into categories: 
Primary Connections, Congregations, Schools, Publishing, Peace/Justice, History/Research, Other Organizations, MennoLink, Amish Connections, Humor/Games, Miscellanea, General Christian, General WWW Introduction. 

 Ervin Beck's Pages Includes a good bibliography of U.S. Mennonite literature and criticism, an article on U.S. Mennonite writers, the program for the 1997 Goshen conference on "Mennonite/s Writing in the U.S." and the syllabus for his Mennonite literature course.

Mennonite Life: scholarly and literary magazine now published online at Bethel College in Kansas. Print issues (before 2000) are in the library.

Mennonite Quarterly Review:  academic journal from Goshen College, mainly on history but also publishing essays and reviews on other Mennonite-related subjects. Some articles available online. Complete set of issues in the library. 

Conrad Grebel Review: journal of Mennonite thought from Conrad Grebel University College in Ontario. No online articles, but in the library.

Journal of Mennonite Studies. From Univ. of Winnipeg: " A Canadian interdisciplinary journal dealing with Mennonite issues." Contents of recent issues and a few sample articles online; complete set of issues in the library.

Bibliography on Mennonites in Russia: Just what it says.

 The Literature of Canadian Mennonites Good brief overview of Canadian Mennonite literature, with a bibliography of creative works and criticism. 

 Third Way Cafe Official "outreach" site produced by Mennonite Media, with a very good page called "Who Are the Mennonites" (in case you're wondering).

Rosannadanna of the Amish Humor site by the one and only Ross Bender.  Moderately warped but immoderately funny.