Rainer Maria Rilke: Laurids Brigge


Description (note: inhaltsangabe contains!)

Diary novel of Rainer Maria Rilke, begun 1904 in Rome under the impression first Paris stay of 1902/03, completes 1908-1910 in Paris, appeared 1910. - the work, itself as the first within the German literature radically of the realistic novel 19. Jh.s differentiates between, knows no continuous action more, still another storyteller in the conventional sense. Its outside form forms the fictitious diary of a "invented figure". Only gradually "existence draft" and a "shade connection leave themselves of the forces" agitating to recognize each other from the associative consequence of partly describing, to partly reflecting or purely telling sections from the poet intended. The diary writer is a 28 years old Dane from an aristocracy sex, who, becoming extinct with him, after the early death of the nut/mother and the later father the homeland and possessionless become, tries to live in Paris than poets.


All coining/shaping influences in Rilkes life meet in this book: earliest Prager childhood memories, the experience of the journeys to Russia as well as Lou Andreas Salomé, the stay in Scandinavia in the year 1904 like the preceeding reading of the writings Jacobsens, Kierkegaards, Bangs and Obstfelders, above all however the "immense reality" of Paris, which painted the "background of this in each instant existence" examined by the own fall Laurids Brigge forms.


NOTE: Rilke is famously difficult, but the paragraphs above reveal more about the innate difficulties of translation (especially by machine) than about the complexities of his work!

in his workroom at Hôtel Biron, Paris, during the time he was writing The Notebooks of Malte Laurid Brigge.