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CEM 221, Organic Chemistry I
An overview of organic chemistry, with emphasis on nomenclature, structure-reactivity relationships and applications. The laboratory portion of the course emphasizes basic techniques of separation and analysis used in organic chemistry. Proper procedure and waste disposal will be included in the laboratory portion of the course so that the student may become familiar with standard laboratory safety practice. Three lectures, one three-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: CEM 122 (General Inorganic Chemistry).

CEM222, Organic Chemistry II
This course is more in-depth than CEM 221, concentrating on two important skills in organic chemistry: organic structure determination and organic synthesis. The first several weeks introduce the use of spectroscopic methods to identify organic compounds. The remainder of the course focuses on understanding organic reactions and using them to construct new molecules. Three lectures, one three-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: CEM 221.

CEM 311, Advanced Organic Chemistry
This course presents advanced topics in chemical bonding and reactivity, emphasizing molecular orbital theory and how it explains the relationship of molecular structure to reaction mechanism. Students will be introduced to computational chemistry as a way of solving chemical problems. Two lectures per week. Prerequisite: CEM 222.

CEM 390, Independent Study in Chemistry
By arrangement. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing in chemistry.
Independent studies in chemistry are available in all areas of chemistry under the direction of chemistry professors. Independent studies in organic chemistry could include: computational chemistry, organic electrochemistry, or other projects worked out between the student and the professor.

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