Start-of-term notices:

Errors in the text and study guide are worth 5 bonus quiz points to the finder - first come, first served. These errors must be such that the text is saying something wrong, not just misspellings!

They will be listed on a special web page. In the menu, click on "Course information > Texts > Errata" to find it.

I have been pointed to a chemistry "ask-the-expert" service that you can use as an additional source of tutoring: Chemical Forums. There are several organic chemistry forums available. Follow the rules, please!

Students may, if necessary, change lab sections for a particular week by either exchanging with another student or using an open slot in another lab section.

You must notify Dr. Berger if you need to change lab sections for any particular week.
The report for "Reduction of a ketone" will not be due until the week of November 15. This is because not everyone has been able to have their product analyzed, and we have not gone over how to interpret your data.
Office Hours during Thanksgiving week: I will be leaving for Thanksgiving around 2 PM on Monday, and will not be back until the following Monday. I will (hopefully) be reachable by e-mail, but will not be checking very often.
  • Exam 3 did not go very well. There will be a makeup exam (click the link for explanation) during class on Friday, December 3. This will give you an opportunity to
    1. Improve your exam score and
    2. practice for the final exam.
  • Late lab reports handed in after I leave (2 PM Monday) will be counted as having been handed in on Wednesday, November 24. You know who you are...
A reminder: your report for the Multistep Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol is due on Friday, December 10. I will happily accept early submissions. However, I will not accept late submissions after the end of the day on Wednesday, December 15. Failure to submit a report for this experiment counts as two weeks of missed lab, and will lower your course grade a full letter grade.