Sports Information major

Students interested in the fast-growing field of sports information need to understand sport theory while producing marketing media and be prepared for lifelong learning.

This interdisciplinary major is built on the three core curricular components of liberal arts, sport theory and administration, and production-based media courses. The major also provides an introduction to marketing. Additionally, this small major may be customized with minors supporting additional particular areas of expertise, such as writing, performance, etc. Or by complementing both the Broadcasting & Journalism and the Sport Management majors, the Sports Information major allows students a workable option for a double major.

The Sports Information major prepares students in all aspects of the wide range of employment opportunities at all levels of education, collegiate and professional sports organizations. Jobs related to sports information include sports information directors, athletic directors, coaches, scouts (and many others), which the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to grow by 29 percent from 2010 to 2020.


A FOUR-YEAR PLAN is provided as a guideline for course selection leading to a sports information major.