Steve Yarnell

Steve YarnellWhat do you enjoy the most about teaching?
Being able to develop relationships with students to make their college experience more well-rounded.

What is your favorite class to teach and why?
Personal community health concerns. It applies to life and allows me to share personal experience as well as be informative about topics that are important to college students.

What elements from coaching help you in the classroom?
Probably being able to lead and guide the class to learn and apply the material.

When did you first know you wanted to teach?
It wasn't until my sophomore year of college. It came about through volleyball. I liked the teaching aspect and that developed into a teaching and coaching career.

What is your favorite place/ season/ event on campus?
My favorite place is our home volleyball matches. "It's my sanctuary," as Denzel Washington says in Remember the Titans.

When you are not teaching, what do you enjoy doing?
Spending time with my wife and kids, Gracie and Toby. Playing basketball, volleyball and golf. Home improvement projects as well.

What was the first job you ever had?
My first job out of high school was working as a dishwasher at the Red Pig Inn in Ottawa.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in when you were a college student?
I was involved in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), volleyball, intramurals throughout every season and I was a student coach with the women's volleyball team.

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
Probably Florida. I like the change in weather and scenery, and the beach.

What are some things on your 'bucket list'?
Watch my kids grow up. Would like to go to Europe, see some Olympic games and possibly learn to fly.