Construction photos

HFEC footprint


While it's fun to watch live action, sometimes a close up still photo helps to provide context. Click photos below for larger images.


August 8, 2012    
Fitness room
Parking lot
August 1, 2012    


Landscape beginnings

Sports medicine rehabilitation whirlpool
July 25, 2012    
Women's locker room
Fitness center
July 16, 2012    
June 26, 2012    
June 13, 2012    
May 18, 2012    
Performance arena
Workout room


April 26, 2012

Sports medicine rehabilitation whirlpool
Stairs to 2nd floor exercise facilities


April 18, 2012



April 13, 2012

Drywall in gymnasium
Brick on west side of gymnasium
Windows on Elm St. side of gymnasium


April 3, 2012

Brick being laid on outer wall
Concrete floor poured for gymnasium
Brick laid for stairwell


March 15, 2012

View from Burcky Gym
View from backside of Marbeck Center
View from Elm Street


Feb. 27, 2012

Walls going up on the 2nd floor
Gymnasium floor being leveled and
volleyball pieces being inserted into floor
Hallway of 1st floor locker rooms


Feb. 17, 2012

3rd Floor coaches offices area
Roof of 2nd floor Fitness Room
from 3rd floor
View of Marbeck (left) and Founders
Hall (right) from 3rd floor


Feb. 9, 2012

2nd Floor Exercise Facility
Gymnasium and View of 2nd Floor
Locker Room on 2nd Floor


Jan. 31, 2012



Jan. 27, 2012



Jan. 24, 2012


Performance arena
Sports medicine whirlpool area


Dec. 13, 2011



Dec. 8, 2011



Dec. 1, 2011



Nov. 15, 2011



Nov. 8, 2011



Nov. 2, 2011



Oct. 7, 2011