Problem solving

"Keeping Current in An Ever-changing World of a Middle School Mathematics Teacher"

presented by Becky Link, Ft. Recovery Middle School

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, June 17-19, 2014

Course Description

This 3-day workshop is designed for mathematics teachers working with grades 6-8. Most classroom teachers are feeling "a bit" overwhelmed with adjusting to the changes taking place in education. Our three days together will be a time when we can catch up on the latest in regards to assessment, curriculum, evaluations, etc. We will engage in best practices for the classroom, explore new resources available to teach the common core state standards, share some tried-and-true lessons from our personal libraries, and educate ourselves on the new assessments being developed for the 2014-15 school year.

This course, along with the June 11-13 HQT Workshop, may be used by an INTERVENTION SPECIALIST to become a HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHER (HQT) in mathematics CONTENT.


  • Common Core State Standards for grades 6, 7 and 8
  • Mathematical Practices
  • Curriculum resources
  • Website explorations
    • MARS tasks, Illustrative Mathematics, ORC, NCTM, etc.
  • Next Generation Assessments
    • PARCC and Smarter Balance, Evidence Tables
  • OTES


  • • Email Becky at with any special requests or questions about the workshop content

Equipment needed

  •  Come prepared to share a favorite problem, lesson or activity
  •  If your school has adopted a new series for CCSS, please bring a copy for others to review


Course Expectations

Attendance at all sessions
Participation in all activities
Sharing teaching ideas that have worked for you

Problems to Ponder for the Workshop

  •  Alan was asked to multiply 5 by 2, add 2 to the product, divide the sum by 4, and add 8 to the quotient. Alan used his calculator to perform all the calculations in one step. His incorrect answer was 18.5. What was the right answer? What did Alan do wrong?
  •  Instead of buying packages of 20 batteries for $7.00 to power his video games controllers, Nathan decides to buy 4 rechargeable batteries and a charger for $15.39. How many times does he need to use the rechargeable batteries to make them a better value?
  •  Katrina missed an exam that she had to make up. The class average without her score was 70% and Katrina's score was 84%. To determine the new class average, what additional information is necessary?
  • A fair six-sided die is tossed. After it lands, the bottom face cannot be seen. What is the probability that the product of the visible numbers on the five faces is divisible by 12?